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Data is at the core of your business. Your emails, customer records, documents, and invoices – they’re all data you can’t do without!

A data disaster can be crippling for a business, and the cost of downtime can typically cost thousands of pounds!

Remote Backup

We have created a solution which allows you to Backup your irreplaceable data from desktops, laptops and servers.

With state of the art software and a robust infrastructure, we provide you with an online backup service that ensures you can quickly get up and running after any kind of data disaster.

Backing up to an offsite server ensures that you can recover your data even in the case of a physical disaster, theft or corruption.

We use Military strength (up to 448 bit) encryption of your data before it leaves your machine thus enabling the data to be sent offsite whilst also being completely secure.

With multiple scheduling options, including continuous data protection & multiple full backup scheduling. Point in time restores allow you to simply point on a version and click to restore. please download a 30 day free trial to experience the future of data backup.

The system also includes Backups for : - Exchange, SQL Server, MYSQL, Exchange Mailboxes

The Solution

The Solution is SIMPLE : SECURE : AUTOMATIC : CROSS PLATFORM (Windows,Linux,Mac OS X)

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